Thursday, January 19, 2012

Have a Seat

I love to paint furniture.  I get a vision of what a piece can be and I love watching the transformation.  Don't feel quite the same about upholstery.  I have a vision for what it can be, but I don't usually enjoy the process.  Still, there's satisfaction in seeing a piece reborn.

I acquired two chairs at an auction.  They were dated brown wood and the seat and back were covered in black vinyl.  But they were sturdy and super cheap and no one was bidding on them.  So I bought them.  I figured I'd paint them and recover the seats.  Imagine my surprise when I took off the vinyl covering the back to discover this lattice!  Score!

So I covered the seats in vintage grain sacks.  I'm in love!

I saw this chair on Craig's List and knew a drop cloth would be perfect for the cushion.  It had already been painted white but the seat was an ugly green velvet.  

I added the ruffle and really like the way it turned out.  This ruffle was no-sew!  I used the hem of the drop cloth!  Maybe I should consider upholstery more often!

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gail said...

Great chair makeovers, my favorite is the caned chair! Loving the ruffle!

Dana-Northwest Texas said...

Very cool chair with the drop cloth skirting. I really am impressed.

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Nicely done! I especially love the ruffled skirt!

Twice Nice said...

Those are great! I have an aversion to (terror of) all but simple upholstery, but I so love to see these chairs brought back to life! Deb

Danielle said...

I have a chair in my garage that needs reupholstering, and it's been there for almost two years... You've inspired meto start on it! Thank you for your nice comments on by new blog - I'm a new follower too!

Toodie said...

Love those chairs! What a great score to get those lattice-backed ones! And I really like the ruffled drop cloth one.

Honey at 2805 said...

Cute chairs! Thank you for sharing your wonderful post at Potpourri Friday!