What's in the Shop?

I've got a booth at Rust & Roses Antique Mall
                               1433 S. 1st
                              Abilene, TX 

Open Tues - Sat 11 - 5

There's always something vintage, shabby, and unique!

Thank You sign  $30   SOLD

End Tables  $90   SOLD

Buffet  $225  SOLD

Coffee Sack Bench $45  SOLD

Garden Seating
Bench $90  Sold
Chairs  $45 ea  SOLD

Turquoise glider  $225  SOLD

Mannequin  $70

Vintage Ice Cream Flavoring Tub  $30  Sold

Metal Organizer $38  SOLD

Park Bench  $85
Coffee Table  $35  sold

Buffet  $375  sold

Hospital Crib  $85  sold

Door  $70

French table  $35

Library Table  $125  sold

Child's Folding Chair  $18

Pair Night stands  $110

Gray lighted china cabinet  $345

Bee stool  $30

Radio cabinet  $140

Gold bookcase  $55

Tall vintage cabinet  $240

Live Pure sign  $75

Union Jack cabinet  $225  sold

HI  letters  $48


Amy of The Salvage Collection said...

that's some fine loot you have there! i'd be all over that "thank you" sign if i popped in your shop!

Yby5 said...

LOVE the pull down map...where do you find something like that?

cloverdye said...

I have bought a couple pieces of your furniture and love it and love your booth. I go to classic collection just to see what new stuff your booth has. How fun to see that you have a blog.

Miss Canady said...

I love the chair that you have re done and sold. I want to try one for my kitchen.

Alley Kat Restorations said...

So glad to have found you. I am embarking on refinishing furniture and have just rented a space at Curiosities in Midland. Glad to follow another West Texan!

littlekbopeep said...

I used to live in Abilene and I believe I've seen your work there!! I live in Burleson now and I am just now starting my own "refinishing business." I'm so excited yet so scared! My first big piece was primed last night...only to find there are 3 bubbles on the top of the table, each about 3-4in long!!! I dont know how I missed them! Any ideas on what to do?? I'm SO new to this!! HELP!!

Cyndi ✪ Blue Star said...

I'd be glad to help! You've got your email turned off in Blogger so I can't reply. Go into your profile and set yourself up to receive email and let me know. I've got some answers for you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cyndi, I found your blog by way of Cozy Little House. I was happily surprised to discover you're in Abilene -- I'm in San Angelo! I'll have to look up Classic Collections next time I'm in your neck of the woods -- I'm loving the furniture you've spruced up for your shop =).


Sarah said...

I just might have to make a trip to Abilene to visit my cousin. ;-)
Love the new table you just previewed on your blog. Is it still available?
~ Sarah

Bonnie said...

I don't usually leave comments but I wanted to tell you how I very much enjoy your blog. I refinish furniture and you have given me tips plus inspiration. I'm sorry you are going back to work - I know that will limit your time to create - these day jobs can kill you!!!

Staci said...

what colors are the tall vintage cabinet at the bottom of the post please? thats the most beautiful blue. I just found your site thru MMS' s linked in party and love your work and tutorials. thank you for sharing all your goodies with us!

Denise said...

I love the HI letters, and I am very interested in purchasing them, could you please give me the measurements of the letters. And also, do you ship? I live in Missouri. Thank you!


Arnold Peter said...

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