Monday, December 9, 2013

The Desk that Keeps on Giving

Hey long lost friends!  I'm sorry to be so slow in blogging.  I had to have surgery a few weeks ago and am about to have to go back to work.  Thought I'd get you caught up on a few projects I managed to get done while I was home on medical leave.

Twenty-five years ago I bought this huge old oak teacher desk.  I remember paying $50 for it.

I used it in my home office for 10 years and then sold it to a guy at a garage sale for $50!  

He used it in his office for 5 years before he changed jobs.
Then I married the guy and got the desk back.  HA!

So it's been sitting in my house taking up room for another 10 years.  I decided it was time to let it go (again).

I gave most of the desk two coats of ASCP Emperor's Silk. 
(I'm now carrying Hue Paint but am also trying to use up the remnants of ASCP that I still have.)

I didn't paint the end panels because I wanted to put some maps there.  I used Mod Podge to apply some cool maps that I had to each end.

My original plan was to cover the top of the desk in rulers, but the glass was chipped and I knew the desk wouldn't be functional without it.  So I painted a red border and used my Blue Star Hue Paint in Black Velvet to fill in the center.  
Then I chalked in a border.

I used the chalk lines as a guide to free-hand the border in my White Chocolate paint.

I gave the whole piece two good coats of clear wax.

The inset panels on the back of the desk were painted in chalkboard paint.  I did this step last so the wax wouldn't interfere with the chalkboard.

She turned out beautifully and sold in a week with two women fighting over her!

Not bad for a second life!

Speaking of life, here's what I learned from my recent medical experience:
1)  Don't put off getting your colonoscopy!  I put it off for three years and ended up with a tumor that was benign but 6 months away from being malignant.
2)  If you have to have surgery, find a surgeon that does your needed surgery all the time.  My specialist does colon surgeries every day and was able to do mine laparoscopically.  Consequently, my "major" surgery did not result in major recovery!

I am so blessed!
Merry Christmas!

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