Sunday, August 4, 2013

Buffet Jr. and a New Paint

My summer is officially over.  I go back to work tomorrow, though I've spent most of my summer working so it's a bitter-sweet day.  Before I get consumed with the back-to-school activities, I wanted to get this post written.  I finished this buffet a few weeks ago, and it sits waiting patiently in my garage for an opening in the shop.
I know I won't have time in the next few weeks to shop or paint, so I've got a few pieces in the garage ready to go.

I found this buffet at a flea market during one of my summer travels.  I loved the lines and the unusual size.

So I piled it in the car and brought it home.  I started by stripping and refinishing the top.

Then I noticed a funky odor.  Oh my!  This baby had been in a smoker's home.  

I let it air out for a couple of days.  No change.  So I did some research and went to the Internet.  Several websites suggested washing it with vinegar and water, and letting it air dry.  I did that three times, and it was better.  But the odor was still present.  Evidently the odor settles into the topcoat, not the wood itself, so by stripping the top, I had taken care of the top surface.  The remaining odor could be "locked in" by painting.  

Good!  That was exactly my plan!
So I gave the whole thing two coats of Annie Sloan's Old White.

It was so pretty against the new dark top!

I'd found a new brand of chalk paint while on my summer travels and decided to break it out on this piece.  It is Amy Howard's One Step paint.  And I must say, I love it!

It's thinner than most chalk paints and goes on very easily.  Two coats covered well.  It can be applied without sanding or priming.  Perhaps the best thing is that unless you want to use dark wax, you don't have to apply a clear wax! 

So I gave the inside two coats of Cartouche Green, which is really more of a blue.

I even painted the inside of the drawers!
And I didn't have to wax them!

I distressed the white, and applied a coat of clear wax and dark wax  (to the white only) to accent the details.

It was the perfect contrast to the blue!

Rather nice, don't you think?
And the best part is there is NO odor!

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Art and Sand said...

Oh, why do you have to be in Texas? I L O V E that buffet and it is exactly what I am looking for to put in my entry way.

At least you gave me some inspiration for when I do find one.

Ethereal PLUS what I Love said...

Love the transformation !!!!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Great save! I really like the colors your chose and love the dark and natural top!

robin lorraine williamson said...

I love the colors this is a beautiful piece checking out from Nifty T hrifty Tuesday Lorraine at

Sisters Treasures said...

What a beautiful transformation and good info on getting rid of smoke smells. I hate that! I love how you did the inside in the color (which to me looks like a light aqua). Great job.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Beautiful piece, Cyndi! I love the curves to this and I would have gravitated toward it, too. Too bad about the odor. I have saved a couple of tips for that in Pinterest. I think cat litter was one that I would try if/when I come across this problem. The colors look great together. This is a perfect size piece for a down-sized home like mine.

Thanks for linking up to The Creative Home & Garden hop! : )

Fiona, LilyfieldLife said...

what a beautiful piece, such a gorgeous shape and the top wood came up beautifully against the white paint. can i ask if you don't seal the chalk paint is it very matte? how do you protect it against marks and grease? love to know
cheers Fiona

Spittin-Toad said...

Love it!!..I pinned it to my Awesome Furniture Board. :)

Anonymous said...

That looks so good! The different color shelves were worth the extra effort. water damage restoration Houston

Sarah Adams said...

Very beautiful! Good job on the odor removal. I am very sensitive to smells, so if something has an order I won't buy it.

Carolyn said...

I just wanted to let you know that I featured your wonderful project on homework. Thanks so much for sharing it on The Inspiration Board. Have a great weekend!

homework &

Gail Wilson said...

love the color --and the buffet is just so darn cute! A friend of mine has been looking for something just like this to redo... great job!

Stephanie said...