Monday, October 1, 2012

A Great Place to Shop

This weekend I went to visit my grandson, and I don't go anywhere without checking out the local antique shops and flea markets!  So I prowled around The Vineyard Antique Mall in Colleyville, TX.  It's a nice large mall with a variety of antiques and collectibles.

Now, I need to back up and tell you a story.  A few years ago my daughter went off to play college volleyball.  She found herself teammates with a precious girl named Ali.  She and Ali became the best of friends and today live close and are enjoying raising their babies together.  Anyway, Ali and her mom decided to start refinishing furniture and open a booth at an antique mall.  You guessed it!  They're new booth is at The Vineyard!  

So today I thought I'd show you some of the amazing pieces in Ali's booth!

Look at this awesome table!

She's painted the top in a muted harlequin pattern.

I love this little cabinet!  Oh, the possibilities!

Now you know that turquoise is my favorite, right?

Look at the gold gilding she put on the edges!

This beauty is painted gray on the outside...

And dark gray on the inside!

What an interesting bookcase!

This dresser won't last long!

Don't you love the herringbone?

So if you're ever in the Dallas-Ft.Worth metroplex, you might want to check out Ali's booth, Refuge Interiors.

Ali's got lots of eye candy!

And just in case you're wondering, I was not paid to talk about Ali's booth.  Just love the girl and her work and want to share both!

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Stephanie said...

That is a good antique mall. She has some great pieces! How long have they been in the mall? We are in a mall not too far from there in Grapevine.

Miss Charming said...

Wow! She has some wonderful pieces. (The cabinet, the secretary and oh, the herringbone!). It looks as though she does some nice work--I love talented people.